Hel Yeah! Gaming and Home Office Bundle

Hel Yeah! Gaming and Home Office Bundle

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Hel Yeah! Gaming and Home Office Bundle

The "Hel Yeah" package includes the following great products:

  • A re-tuned AEON Flow RT Open OR AEON Flow RT Closed or upgrade to our ÆON 2 Open or ÆON 2 Closed
  • A Schiit Hel DAC/Amp with microphone inputs, normally $189
  • An Antlion Audio 3.5mm ModMic Uni, normally $49.95

Normal Retail for this bundle is $738.94! That's a savings of almost 15% on your complete system!

Hel Yeah! All sales are final, no returns or exchanges. This supersedes our normal return policy. By ordering you agree to these terms.

was $649.99 Special Price $585.99
Hel Yeah! Gaming and Home Office Bundle

Hard Times Can Still be Fun Times...

We know that with the pandemic lots of people are having to adjust to new work and home life situations, including us!

So we called our friends at Schiit Audio and Antlion Audio to put together a great package to make working at home, socializing online with friends, staying in touch with family, and simply enjoying music, games and video more enjoyable, at a price that will shock you!

Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks!

First, we have re-tuned our classic award-winning AEON Flow headphones, hence the "RT" in the name. The RT Closed now sports 4dB more bass than the original AEON Flow Closed, for a harder hitting, more fun experience. The RT Open has a smoother bass to midrange transition, and a larger soundstage.

But Wait, There's More...

The Hel Yeah! bundle also allows you to upgrade to our ground-breaking ÆON 2 headphones, allowing you to take your gaming or home audio experience to the next sonic level for added excitement, realism and immersion. And with ÆON 2, taking great full-size headphone sound with you on the road has never been easier.

Going to Hel!

The "Hel Yeah" package includes the amaszing Schiit Hel DAC/Amp. The Hel delivers astounding clarity, resolution, and power in a package that makes hooking up to your PC or console a snap via USB. And the super-ergonomic volume control is ideal for gamers who may need to make quick volume adjustments without fumbling for the controls. And it has a built-in analog microphone input so it acts as a one-stop-shop for your digital audio needs. And did we say power? The Hel amplifier can pump out enough juice for even the most demanding user.

Speak Easy

Included in the bundle is an Antlion Audio 3.5mm ModMic Uni which easily attaches and detaches to your ÆON headphone. Offering great sound and noise reduction the mod-mic lets your associates or gaming friends hear you clear as a bell.


Hel Yea Gaming Bundle with DCA, Schiit & Antlion Audio

Audio Head // May 11, 2020

Alongside high fidelity listening, I have been known to do a little bit of gaming. I’m not a hard core player by any means, but I do enjoy a bit of laid back key pressing for the sake of pushing some pixels around. So when Dan Clark Audio asked me if I would like to hear their newest combo deal for gamers, the idea left me quite intrigued. So, this is a review of the Hel Yea Gaming Bundle by Dan Clark Audio with the Schiit Audio Hel USB interface and Antlion Audio ModMic Uni.



Gary Alan Barker // May 6, 2020

I suspect those unfamiliar with Dan Clark Audio or Schiit Audio will be overwhelmed with how good a $650 system can sound. This system gives you everything you would demand from a $1,500 system (other than access to sample rates over 192kHz, which in Schiit’s philosophy are superfluous due to the dearth of actual software recorded in those sample rates) in sound quality, dynamic range, tonal balance, detail, imaging, soundstage, and musicality.

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